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Emblazoned with the impactful "Black AF" design alongside the iconic Georgia Shift logo, this tote bag is a celebration of Black excellence. Its eye-catching design transforms it into more than just a bag – it becomes a statement piece that resonates with purpose and identity.


Crafted from durable materials, the Black AF Georgia Shift Tote Bag is designed for everyday use. With ample space, it accommodates your essentials effortlessly, making it ideal for trips to the store, class, community events, or as a versatile accessory for any occasion.

**Versatile Style:**

Whether you're heading to a local gathering, an activism event, or a day out, this tote bag seamlessly combines style and functionality. Its versatility allows you to carry your belongings with pride while making a bold statement about your commitment to positive change.

**Expression of Identity:**

Wear your dedication proudly as you carry this tote bag, turning it into a canvas that reflects your commitment to fostering positive change, celebrating Black culture, and contributing to the vibrancy of Georgia.


**Ideal for Everyday Advocacy:**

Make a difference every day by incorporating the Black AF Georgia Shift Tote Bag into your routine. It's not just a bag; it's a symbol of empowerment, an accessory that amplifies your voice in the ongoing movement for a better Georgia.


Embrace your identity, make a statement, and carry the spirit of positive change with the Black AF Georgia Shift Tote Bag – a versatile and impactful accessory that reflects your pride and commitment to a more vibrant Georgia.

.: 100% cotton canvas
.: Available in natural and black colors
.: Heavy fabric (12 oz/yd² (406.9 g/m²))
.: Sewn-in label

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